Top 10 Highly Popular ULLU Web series to Watch in 2022


Over the last few years, the OTT platforms gained huge popularity among people, and because of it, nowadays you will find several OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, MX Player, ALT Balaji, ULLU, etc. The reason behind the popularity of OTT platforms is their realistic and sensor-free content where you can watch any type of content like thriller, horror, romantic, action, bold, and adult without any objection. 

Nowadays, ULLU is becoming one of the most popular OTT platforms in India among youth because of its adult, sensual, and bold content. Most of the ULLU Web series stories are based on the romantic, lust, and adult genre. Since the ULLU app’s launched on 25th December 2018, it gained millions of downloads and subscribers on the app store. 

So, here in this article, we are going to discuss the top 10 most-watch and highly popular ULLU Web series and also know about their starcast as well as the storyline. You can easily watch all of these ULLU series on its official app ULLU Originals.

A Brief Info of ULLU App

App Name: ULLU Originals/ULLU App/ULLU Website

Launched Date: 25th December 2018

Owner: Vibhu Aggarwal

Head Office: Mumbai

Languages: Hindi, Bhojpuri, Telugu, Malayalam, English, Tamil, Kannada

Products: ULLU Webseries, ULLU Original Films, ULLU Shorts

Popular Web series: Charmsukh, Palangtod, Games of Karma, etc.

10 Most-Watched ULLU Web series

Because of its adult and bold content, the ULLU app becomes one of the popular OTT platforms among youth. Most of the ULLU Web series is full of bold content and lust storyline and that’s the reason most of the ULLU series are hit. Let’s discuss the top 10 ULLU Web series which gained a lot of attention from viewers. 

  • Mona Home Delivery

Storyline: I’m not sure if you’ve seen Kangana Sharma (Mona) in Hotstar’s “Tu Suraj Main Saanjh Piyaji,” but if you have, please let me know. She’s gone through a lot of changes. That’s dedication, from playing a traditional Indian bahu to flaunting her bold look in ‘Mona Home Delivery.’ 

Mona could be a young lady who had a rough childhood and does not want to be judged on that basis for the rest of her life. As a result, she chooses to utilize her body as a tool to achieve her objective.

She begins her career as a prostitute and works her way up the ranks. However, she discovers that the world is not nice to her. I enjoyed how the show avoided showing needless bold situations while also not shying away from showing them when they were required. It’s a straightforward show that’s worth your time.

Genre: Erotic, Drama

Cast: Kangana Sharma, Vijay Raaz, Raju Kher, Pratima Kazmi, Rajpal Yadav

Episodes: 4

  • Bribe

Storyline: A story of a typical Indian woman who is saddened after her husband dies. To support her family, she travels to the government office to have her widow’s pension approved. However, as a form of bribe, the officer requests that she roll in the hay. However, the bribe is not paid only once, but anytime she needs to get what she is due. 

The story seeks to expose the filthy aspects of our society. They will go to any length to take advantage of a have-not. As one of India’s leading developers of adult web series, Ullu and its cast members are well-versed in how to add an erotic touch to any story, and this one is no exception.

Genre: Drama, Adult

Cast: Hemant Chaudhary, Megha Gupta, Dev Vyas, Harshita Gaur

Episodes: 3

  • Panchali

Storyline: The plot is based on the epic Mahabharata, which depicts Draupadi marrying the Pandava brothers. One of the main reasons for the success of this Ullu adult web series is the amount of sensuality displayed in each episode

All of a family’s brothers must marry only one woman, according to a long-standing tradition. Everyone agrees, except the youngest, who refuses to participate in such a stupid notion. Panchali could be the story of a lady who has already married four of the brothers and is now using greed, jealously, and manipulation to convert the fifth brother.

Genre: Erotic, Adult

Cast: Anupriya Goenka, Aman Verma, Upen Chauhan, Samridh Bawa, Rohan Pratap Singh 

Episodes: 5

  • Khul Ja Sim Sim

Storyline: Khul Ja Sim Sim is a popular web series on Ullu Web series about a newlywed couple. After a successful first season, the second season was released less than a month later, with a similar story but a few changes.

The story begins on the day of Simran’s wedding when she becomes aware of her husband’s inadequacy. Simran begins experimenting with herself as well as her husband in order to satiate her unsatisfied lust. Simran attracts the attention of many local men since she is a gorgeous woman.

The show has several stunning women, like Nikita Chopra, who is a master of seduction. If you’re looking for some bold and humorous content on the internet, keep an eye out.

Genre: Adult, Erotic, Comedy

Cast: Nikita Chopra, Kavitha Kaushik, Kundan Kumar

Episodes: 10

  • Kavita Bhabhi

Storyline: Ullu is on its way to becoming India’s most prolific soft porn maker in India. Following the success of Mona Home Delivery, the developers of Ullu are preparing to capitalize on the Savita Bhabhi craze by bringing the eccentric Kavita Bhabhi to the Indian audience.

Kavita is a young woman who selects an easy way to make money by making phone calls to men who have sexual problems. People can be cured by her bedtime stories. If you’re looking for serious entertainment, I wouldn’t recommend watching this, but if you want to see some bold content, this ULLU Web series is the place to be.

Genre: Erotic

Cast: Divya Dwivedi, Amita Nangia, Nishant Pandey, Kavita Radheshyam

Episodes: 4

  • Charmsukh

Storyline: It is ULLU’s one of the boldest and most sexual web series, where you can easily see soft pornography. In each episode of the show, a unique story is told. The protagonists are confronted with lifestyle issues and find themselves in close connections.

While a few episodes are well-framed with a good storyline and a good balance of recent and bold sequences, others are just there for bold and sexy scenes that make no sense. With a little monthly fee, all episodes are available on Ullu. If you’re looking for a variety of sensual stories with highly bold scenes in a single web series, this one might be a good fit.

Genre: Erotic, Adult

Cast: Different for all episodes. Some famous are; Priya Gamre, Mishti Basu, Sneha Paul, Nitin Kumar, Jinnie Jaaz, Simran Khan, Muskan Aggrawal, and more

Episodes: 13 


  • Palangtod

Storyline: Similar to Charmsukh, Palangtod is also one of the most sensual ULLU Web series with different erotic stories in each episode. In every episode of this Webseries, the story is full of bold and sexy scenes; even you can find a bold scene where there is no need in the story. 

Every story of Palangtod ULLU Web series comes with a unique storyline, high sensuality, and different starcast. If you are interested in watching a Web series full of erotic stories and bold scenes, then all the episodes of Palangtod are highly recommended to you. 

Genre: Bold, Adult, Erotic

Cast: Different for all episodes. Some famous are; Mahi Kaur, Rajsi Verma, Divashree, Simran Khan, Kanchan, Rekha Mona, Sagar Bhatt, Mohit Kumar, and more

Episodes: 20

  • 26 January

Storyline: 26 January is a ULLU Web series that has everything for you: action, suspense, romance, and patriotism. It’s one of those stories that don’t lose its equilibrium by doing a lot of things at once. 

This is frequently the narrative of Ved and Insiya, who are insanely in love with one other. Ved is a member of the ATS (Anti-Terrorist Squad) on a top-secret assignment to avert a terrorist assault on the town. However, when he learns that Insiya is accused of being a terrorist, his entire life comes to a halt. Now he must choose between his love for his country and his responsibility to it.

Genre: Romance, Thriller, Suspense

Cast: Mrunal Jain, Madhurima Tuli

Episodes: 4

  • Size Matters

Storyline: It’s the story of Manpreet and Akash, a young couple who are getting married. Manpreet’s friends persuade her that the size of a man’s penis is crucial in gratifying a woman’s sexual desire. So she inquires about her fiancé’s penis size. Unfortunately, Akash lacks the requisite characteristics, so he sends photos of his cousin’s penis. Now Akash must face the consequences of his deception during the battle (suhag-raat).

Once again, Ullu’s creators didn’t miss the opportunity in presenting erotic and sexy to its audience. I hope you enjoy the plot, which is as simple as it can be for a web series.

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Erotic

Cast: Riju Biswas, Khatija Iqbal, Tajdeep Gill, Poorti Arya

Episodes: 4

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  • Singardaan

Storyline: Gupta Ji is an ordinary decent man with strange fantasies. With a prostitute, he becomes insane. However, his love is short-lived when the woman of his dreams passes away unexpectedly.

Disappointed by his loss, he brings her makeup box home to remind him of her memories, and this is where the trouble begins. Dark energy abounds in the makeup box. As a result, Gupta Ji’s wife and daughter begin to behave strangely, as if they have been possessed by a prostitute.

The web series has some potential and is extremely entertaining, even if it doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Genre: Drama, Erotic, Romance

Cast: Vivan Bhatena, Amit Behl, Sikandar Kharbanda, Bikramjeet Kanwarpa, Isha Anand Sharma

Episodes: 6


If you are interested and also don’t have hesitation in watching erotic and bold webseries, then ULLU Web series is the best for you. The major focus of ULLU Web series is on putting lots of bold and sexy scenes in the story instead of a great story. On the basis of different parameters like viewer’s choice, story, rating, and erotic scenes we have mentioned the top ten ULLU web series to watch. 

Disclaimer: Instead of downloading and watching movies unlawfully from unauthorized websites, we suggest our viewers watch the web series on the original platform.

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