25th Island of Greece : Know the Important Fact About This

Every month you will find a new meme trending over social media platforms and all of us are curious to know everything about the trending meme. Some of the popular viral memes are – “why chainsaws were founded” and which one of the dinosaurs has 5000 teeth”? Recently, a brand new meme is going viral over social media platforms. The latest viral meme asks users to guess the 25th Island of Greece and users are going crazy over this meme on Twitter. 

25th Island of Greece

In terms of size, Amorgos is rated 25th among Greek Islands. “Amorgos” is also the name of one of the memes. Its name sounds similar to one of the most popular games “Among Us”.

In the viral meme, it asks users to find out the 25th Island of Greece and here we will discuss why it is asking such? 

No doubt, every month a new meme viral on social media platforms. Some of the popular ones are; why we are so afraid of chains? And which dinosaur has the greatest number of teeth? Recently, a new meme has been introduced on social media platforms that ask people to find out the 25th Island of Greece and this meme has gone viral over Twitter. 

Why This Viral Meme is So Funny?

Even though it was released in 2018, “Among Us” became a worldwide sensation in the spring of 2018. Those who were imprisoned and trapped looked for new games to pass the time, and these games are still popular today. A squad of spacemen performs low-level jobs while they fly around a rocket ship.

Despite this, one of the passengers on board was hell-bent on destroying the ship’s and crew’s safety. When a player dies, it affects the entire team, which could include strangers from all over the world. Vote for the person who believes the impostor.

By slipping under the radar or criticizing another player, the cheater should try to fool the entire squad. This cycle repeats itself until the fraudster is discovered to have been elected to the ship or has killed all of the other crew members.

Why Twitter is overflowing with the Memes of 25th Island of Greece?

You may have noticed everyone talking about the 25th island of Greece on Twitter or other social media platforms like TikTok or Instagram. In Greece, there are 6,000 islands, 227 of which are inhabited, so why is the 25th island getting so much attention?

All of this is part of a viral meme in which you are meant to utilize the internet to figure out the 25th Island of Greece? When you Google 25th island of Greece,’ you’ll get an island name, which social media users find amusing.

Why the Word Amorgos is Trending?

The game was released in 2018, but it became viral last spring when people in quarantine and lockdown were looking for new games and activities to pass the time, and it’s still going strong. Spacemen perform menial jobs as they move around a rocket ship in the game. However, there is a phoney among the crew who intends to damage the ship’s safety and murder the crew members.

When one of the players dies, the whole group, which may include strangers from all over the world comes together to debate that who is the imposter before voting them out. The imposter must betray the rest of the gang by flying under the radar or blaming someone else.

Which is the 25th Greece Island?

If you Google this question, you will find that Amorgos, Greece’s 25th island, is located in the Cyclades. You know what Greece’s 25th island is, but you’re still confused, right? Don’t worry; you’re not the only one who feels this.

Why did the Name “Amorgos” go Viral on Social Media?

Most people think “Amorgos” is similar to “Among Us”. The 25th Island of Greece meme has gone viral because of people associating the name ‘Amorgos’ with ‘Among us.’ 

“Among Us”, an online multiplayer game produced by American gaming studio Innersloth, is a popular game for kids right now. Even if the two terms don’t sound exactly alike, fans of the game Among Us think the joke is humorous.

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